Care Coordination is a community- and strengths-based program that uses the wraparound model, which looks to identify community resources and natural supports while promoting permanent connections for the child and family. The Wraparound process is designed to be culturally competent and organized around family members’ own perceptions of their needs, goals, and vision. Enrolled families are assigned a Care Coordinator who will work with the family to build a team of natural, informal, and formal supports to help address the unique needs of the child and family. 

The target population for Care Coordination is children from birth through 18 (18 only if the child is still in high school and living at home), who: 

  • Have complex behavioral health needs (home, school, and/or community).
  • Require an intensive coordination of multiple services to meet those needs.
  • Who are at risk to be, or have already been, separated from their family and/or community (i.e. residential or hospital level care) for the primary purpose of receiving behavioral health or mental health related services.


  • Community providers, schools, or families themselves can make a referral for Care Coordination. All referrals are triaged to the appropriate program based on school. Referrals can be completed by clicking HERE.
  • Families cannot have involvement with the CT Department of Children and Families.