Mobile Crisis Intervention Services (MCIS) is a community-based, crisis intervention service staffed with crisis clinicians and case managers who perform rapid response mobile crisis assessments for children and youth in mental and/or behavioral health crises in the Greater New Haven area. Our clinicians conduct thorough risk assessments to determine level of risk to self and others, and make appropriate recommendations as a result. We provide short-term crisis stabilization up to 45 days while recommendations and referrals are made to the next level of care.

Our goal is to divert from unnecessary emergency department visits or inpatient hospitalizations.

Types of crises frequently assessed by our team include:

  • suicidal and homicidal ideation
  • self-harm
  • school-avoidance
  • aggressive behaviors
  • depression and anxiety

Mobile Crisis clinicians respond to homes, schools, local hospitals, and other community settings. 

To reach Mobile Crisis staff, please dial 2-1-1, select option 1, and then option 1 again.

Our Mobile Crisis clinicians and case managers are available for mobile services, phone support, and telehealth options during the hours of:

Mobile Hours

  • Monday-Friday:  6am-10pm
  • Weekends/Holidays: 1pm-10pm

Office Hours

  • Monday-Thursday: 8am-6pm
  • Friday: 8am-5pm

On-Call Hours  

  • Monday-Thursday: 6 am-8 am; 5pm-10pm
  • Friday: 6am-8am; 5pm-10pm
  • Weekends/Holidays: 1pm-10pm