On Resilience, Anti-Racism, and Trauma

This series pairs together incredible authors, speakers, and moderators working at the intersection of anti-racism, resilience, mental health, and play, including indigenous or non-traditional aspects of play and healing that highlight trauma-informed and culturally inclusive approaches to whole person (physical, behavioral, and social) well-being.



In summer 2022, we kicked off the series with a 1-hour trauma-informed Q&A with award winning author Dr. Brenda Combs, an ambassador of inspiration, renowned educator, and survivor. If you haven’t already, you can catch up with her extraordinary interview below, moderated by Dr. Alice M. Forrester, CEO, Clifford Beers Community Health Partners.

Healing The Generations Distinguished Speakers Series Q&A with Dr. Brenda Combs and Dr. Alice Forrester


GAMEHEADS is an Oakland-based, nonprofit organization at the forefront of social justice video gamming and youth mentorship.

GAMEHEADS envisions a world where low income youth and youth of color are equipped to thrive and succeed in any field they choose, including the tech and video game industries.

Moderated by Executive Director and Co-Founder Damon Packwood, this 1-hour Q&A features two students from “Confronting The Inside,” a Space Invaders game where the player confronts enemies inside their own negative subconscious. The gameplay reflects story elements of being with a therapist providing you coping mechanisms as a means of getting over self-destructive thoughts.

Healing The Generations Distinguished Speakers Series Q&A with GAMEHEADS