About the Conference

Presented by Clifford Beers Community Care Center, the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation and KPJR Films, Healing the Generations is a historical conference which brings together trauma-informed authors, leaders, and changemakers whose work focuses on resilience, trauma, and anti-racism.

Collectively, we recognize the impact of grief, loss, political unrest, and racial trauma on the human body. We’re convinced that in our families, communities, and ancestors, we can find hope and connection to help heal from stress and trauma. This intimate virtual gathering explores the intergenerational impact of structural racism, and helps us work together towards collective healing.

This virtual gathering provides an opportunity to:

  • critically examine our mental health system
  • explore ways to reduce the stigma of receiving services
  • show how creativity and connection play a role in recovery

Healing the Generations is a two day conference that was held Fall 2023, and continues to be accessible to all registered participants via Vimeo. Five Continuing Education Credits (CECs), which includes 2 CECs for cultural competence, and a Professional Certificate of Completion are available for conference completion, which includes a short test after watching all content.

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Registration is open until Spring 2024. Complete all conference materials to receive a Professional Certificate of Completion and 5 Continuing Education Credits (CECs). Sign-up today for access to the conference.

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Keynote and Q&A Topics

  • “Welcome to Healing the Generations: Building the Global Movement of Care” with Lynn Wayner
  • “The Lighthouse Effect: How Ordinary People Can Have an Extraordinary Impact in the World” with Steve Pemberton & Dr. Alice Forrester, CEO of Clifford Beers Community Health Partners 
  • “Women at the Well: On Grief and Trauma and The Body and the Role of Faith” with Nelba Marquez-Greene & Kay Warren
  • “Black Folk and Mental Health: Generational Trauma, Traditions and Truth” with Jelan Agnew
  • “Journey to Becoming A Trauma-Informed, Anti-Racist Organization” with Melanie Rossacci, Dr. Yohanna Cifuentes & Manuel A. Rivera
  • “Reproductive Justice, Resilience & Healing for American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) Women” with Elena Giacci (Diné) & Keely Badger
  • “The Collective Care Model for Racial Trauma” with Dr. Steven Kniffley & Michael Williams
  • “Of My Longing & My Lack” with Allana Clarke & Yari Ijeh
  • “Why must we defy the Lie?” with Enola Aird


Healing the Generations conference attendees will:

  • Understand the key principles of racial trauma theory and research and the ways it manifests itself in people of color
  • Have increased knowledge of alternative and creative healing methods in the treatment of racial trauma 
  • Be able to identify and address maladaptive coping mechanisms that have been perpetuated from race based and intergenerational trauma
  • Explore non-evidence based practices as culturally sensitive solutions for the treatment of race based and intergenerational trauma
  • Demonstrate the beginning of a connected community of colleagues and partners for initiating and expanding race-focused initiatives  

Conference attendees will develop a network of potential colleagues and partners for initiating or expanding trauma-focused initiatives.



We are a nationally recognized provider of trauma-informed mental health care for children, adolescents, and adults. We serve as the safety net for children and families in the greater New Haven area who cannot afford or gain access to private mental health care. Our whole-family, trauma-informed, integrated model of care is designed to reduce chronic stress and build healthy and supportive connections.

The children and families we serve are incredibly resilient, and we believe every individual deserves compassionate and individualized care that improves their health, resiliency, and quality of life.