Clifford Beers provides students, families, and staff with ready access to a broad spectrum of trauma-informed clinical, family support, and enrichment programs and services. Embedding support in schools reduces barriers to accessing support, such as transportation. Services provided in schools include:

  • Assessment and screening
  • Individual, family, and group therapy
  • Care coordination
  • Training and consultation

The specific nature and frequency of clinical support is determined based on each child’s and family’s unique needs. Families may also receive care coordination support to facilitate access to community resources and enhance family stability. Where appropriate, referrals are made for additional services.  

To learn more about how students, families, and educators can access services, contact [email protected].

It has come to our attention that scams are happening frequently on Facebook concerning nonprofit grants and impersonation of friends. Please be assured that Clifford Beers NEVER requests funds in exchange for grants in any shape or form, ever. Thank you!