Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is “CT InCK”?

CT InCK stands for Connecticut Integrated Care for Kids. CT InCK is an initiative led by  Clifford Beers Clinic for the New Haven community of HUSKY Health members.  It is federally funded by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services and managed by CT DSS/Medicaid Services. 

CT InCK is a FREE family-centered initiative that builds the capacity of care coordination programs and services for New Haven youth and their families enrolled in Husky Health. The unique needs of each family will be managed and integrated into a single care plan by a care coordinator. For families with complex care needs, intensive care coordination will be offered by CT InCK providers.


2. What is “integrated care”?

Integrated care addresses social influencers/determinants of health along with medical and behavioral health care needs, focused on the wellbeing of children and families served.  This approach is designed to reduce burdens on families by allowing a family’s care planning team  to coordinate, align, and communicate needs and the family’s care plan to other providers involved in their care across the New Haven area.


3. What is intensive care coordination?

Intensive care coordination is a family-centered, team-based practice designed to assess and meet the needs of families by helping families navigate the healthcare system effectively and efficiently in collaboration with community-based providers and services.


4. Will I be able to access resources and make appointments on my own?

Of course! CT InCK is committed to centering families in their own health care. An Intensive Care Coordinator (ICC) supports and guides members/families as needed.


5. Is there a cost? Will this affect my HUSKY Health  benefits? 

There is no cost or change to members’ Husky Health benefits. InCK services are an additional free benefit available to eligible members. 


6. Will I have to change providers?

Not necessarily! Individuals who utilize CT InCK’s services must have an active relationship with a Primary Care Provider and/or a Behavioral Health Provider. If a family’s needs rise to a level at which they would benefit from more intensive care coordination, individuals and/or families will have the option to choose an Intensive Care Coordinator (ICC) within CT InCK’s established provider network. This provider may or may not be the individual’s and/or family’s current PCP and/or Behavioral Health Provider. 


7. What if I don’t want to participate?

Members can opt out of CT InCK at any time. Contact CT InCK to opt out.



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